CINRG CS-APC-2 Particle Counter


CS-APC-2 Particle Counter

A fully automated particle counter that meets the requirements of ASTM D7647-10 in which oil samples are diluted with solvent prior to testing in order to eliminate interferences from ”soft” particles such as water, varnish and suspended liquid additives.

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CS-HVA-1 Viscometer Robot

A fully automated viscometer system that meets the requirements of ASTM D7279-14 which is specific to viscosity measurement carried out using automated Houillon viscometers that provides rapid viscosity analysis.

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CS-SDS-1 Sample Dilutor

A fully automated sample dilution system designed for the modified ASTM D5185m in which oil samples are diluted with solvent prior to ICP-AES testing utilizing a volume/volume measurement.

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White Paper - CS-APC-2 Overview

Posted by Alistair G on 1.15.2013 An overview of the capabilities, operating process and system specifications for the CINRG CS-APC-2 Fully Automatic Auto-Diluting Particle Counter. View more

White Paper - Processing Contaminated Samples

Posted by Alistair G on 3.3.2014 In conjunction with WearCheck Canada a number of heavily contaminated oil samples that normally could not be processed by an optical particle counter were tested on the CS-APC-2. View more

Presentation - What is responsible for the sudden increase in particle counts?

Posted by Alistair G on 2.9.2017 An updated presentation presented at OILDOC 2017 conference in Rosenheim, Germany demonstrating the affect of the new primary standard for ISO 11171 calibration on particle count data for Automatic Particle Counters, and the impact of revisions to ISO 11171. View more
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