CINRG - About Us

We deliver innovative automated solutions for the oil analysis industry.

What We Do

CINRG Systems is a manufacturer of innovative automated instrumentation for the commercial oil analysis industry. The CINRG product range includes an automated auto-diluting particle counter, robotic viscometer automation system, and a customizable sample dilution system.

Our philosophy is centered on designing instrumentation that alleviates the bottlenecks in commercial laboratories. We can do this because we have deep industry knowledge that allows us to create innovative methods for dealing with the realities of the commercial lab process, from heavily contaminated to highly viscous oil samples. Our instruments are designed to not only cope with these samples, but to allow for an increase in the processing volumes of such samples. Our instruments increase lab productivity right out of the box without the need for fine tuning.

Our latest product offering is a mini-version of our fully automated auto-diluting particle counter that was developed in partnership with WearCheck International. If you are interested in how a CINRG system can improve your laboratory please contact us.

Our Products

Automated Auto-diluting Particle Counter


Robotic Houillon Viscometer Automation System


Customizable Sample Dilution System


Automated Auto-diluting Mini-Particle Counter

Bill Quesnel

Bill Quesnel, CEO

Bill Quesnel has been in the oil analysis industry for 30 years. Bill is president and former laboratory manager for WearCheck in Toronto, Ontario and graduated from the University of Waterloo in pre-med with minors in Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science. Bill is CLS, OMA II, MLA III, MLT II, LLA I certified.

Alistair Geach

Alistair Geach, CTO

Alistair has been in the oil anaysis industry for 25 years, formerly with SetPoint Technologies in Africa. Alistair's unique skills in chemistry, physics and engineering have helped him in his career of laboratory automation and instrument development. Alistair is CLS, OMA I, LLA I certified.

Kannan Viswanathan

Kannan Viswanathan, Mechatronics Engineer

Kannan comes with 10 years of combined engineering experience in automobile and Oil & Gas industry. Product development, Production operations and Testing & Field services are his key expertise. Kannan is a Masters graduate from University of Waterloo in Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering.

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