Calibration Kit

NIST traceable standard reference material and PSL standards blended in Super Clean Fluid suitable for calibrating a particle counting instrument.


Process Control Standards

Low-cost NIST traceable standard reference material blended in an ISO 40 API Group II white oil suitable for validating control of a particle counting instrument.


Verification Fluids

NIST traceable standard reference material suitable for validating the calibration of a particle counting instrument.

“NIST Traceable Calibration, Verification & Process Control Fluids for Particle Counting Instruments“

NIST Traceable

CINRG CINStan particle count standards are compliant with ISO 11171 and traceable to NIST SRM 2806d. These standards are cost-effective secondary standards for the calibration, verification and control of optical particle counting instruments.

  • Traceable to the New NIST 2806d Standard Reference Material (SRM) released in March 2021 by the NIST for particle size counting
  • Certified concentrations for four particle sizes: 4, 6, 14, and 21 µm (c)
  • Complete with a Certificate of Analysis traceable to NIST
  • Prepared in accordance to ISO 11171:2022


NIST SRM 2806d/ISO 11171:2022

NIST has provided a traceable MTD based calibration fluid since 1997 and this was given an SRM identity number of 2806 (SRM 2806). To date a total of 4 batches of this primary calibration fluid have been produced, 2606, 2806a, 2806b and 2806d.

NIST SRM 2806d/ISO 11171:2022 The latest batch of Primary Calibration fluid was released by NIST in 2020 and this was accompanied by a further revision of the ISO11171 calibration standard. These two events were coordinated and have together effectively standardized on µm(c) sizes for instrument calibrations which will ensured the integrity of ISO 4406 cleanliness codes going forward.

Notable Changes:

  • Primary Calibration fluids are now being certified using inter laboratory studies (ILS).
  • The new ISO standard prohibited the use of SRM2806b primary calibration fluid beyond December 2020 and removed the option of reporting counts for µm(b) sizes. This standard came into effect from December 2020.